L2 Fire Safety, a Jensen Hughes Company

L2 Fire Safety offers the best fire safety planning and consulting. Honesty keeps safety in the core of our work, experience ensures functional solutions and with reason the costs are kept effective. Our expertise and team spirit guarantee a positive and relaxed atmosphere and we keep cool even when things get burning hot.

L2 invests on personnel’s continuous development and international networking.

Do you need fire safety consulting and planning services?

We offer fire safety and risk management solutions for our customers’ projects. Typically fire safety affects every part of the design process, and often times our role is to coordinate other designers’ work in order to create a functional entity.

Fire safety consulting and planning can be utilized during the entire project. Starting from the planning phase to creating building permit material, all the way to construction and commissioning. The services are customized together with the customer to each individual project.

Most common contracts are related to buildings’ fire safety consulting and planning, performance-based design and risk analyzing, fire technical calculating, simulating hazardous substance spread, planning and creating instructions for smoke extraction, supervising and auditing construction sites, safety reporting and rescue planning as well as providing training and fire investigation.

References (in Finnish). List of references in English is provided upon request.

L2’s expertise is based upon a lot of practical experience, strong theoretical background and comprehensive networking. Our competence, flexibility and sustainable solutions have convinced customers to contract L2 repeatedly which is a sign of the trust and a reason to be proud of.


Our competence is based upon our experience and ability to find the best solutions. Trust is built with the quality and precision of our work. We are flexible and always try to do our job better than our competitors. We do not only want to win challenges, but we want to set the future standard.


We secure what means the most, human lives. We are proud to be honest and want to do decisions where safety is always the main priority. Honesty and responsibility sometimes mean bringing up difficult matters out in the open without cutting any corners.


We support one another and encourage each other to further continuous improvement in the work. We tackle even the most difficult obstacles with humor and good teamwork. Even though our job is serious, we do not take ourselves seriously. The easiness comes from the freedom of being ourselves.

The history of L2

In 1997 fire safety’s living legend Jukka Laine took an alternation leave from his job as a fire inspector in Helsinki city rescue department. In that time fire safety consulting was rather minor in construction business and the profession of a fire safety consultant was yet to exist. However, the demand had already been created and people started asking for advice from Jukka even on time-off. In 1998 it was time to create a business, Laine & Paloturvallisuus Oy. Over time, there began to be far too much work for one man and in 2002 Juha-Pekka Laaksonen joined the company. Two things were born in that moment, the company L2 Paloturvallisuus and the profession of fire safety consultants.



CEO, Juha-Pekka Laaksonen

COO, Samuli Heikkilä

Executive assistant, Essi Ryökäs